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The Tale of Goode’s Drugstore



North Carolina Collection, Pack Library

This image of Goode’s Drug store grabbed my attention on eBay one morning.  I pride myself on my visual memory for postcard images, but I always double check the online collection before I place a bid. Check out the elegantly-bordered, tile floor, the array of cigar boxes in the glass case, and the sparkling-white soda fountain counter. If you look closely on the left there are racks of postcards on top of the counter! I knew for a fact that there was a postcard of Goode’s Dutch Kitchen in the collection, just as the sign advertises on the left wall. However, I wondered what lay beyond the windows in the far background.


North Carolina Collection, Pack Library

The interior view of the drugstore is circa 1920-30 when the drugstore and Goode’s Dutch Kitchen were located at 53 Patton Avenue. The windows of the interior view of the drugstore faced Patton Avenue. A little sleuthing yielded information that the Dutch Kitchen was located on the second floor of the building and officially opened in 1930.

Dutch Kitchen 10 June 1930.jpg

Asheville Citizen-Times, 10 June, 1930

Goode’s was owned by John A. Goode. The first mention of Mr. Goode appears around 1914 when he operated a pharmacy with a Mr. Hage at 66 Patton Avenue.  By 1918 Goode was listed as the sole proprietor. In 1919 the business moved to 53 Patton Avenue into Sawyer’s Grocery building. Advertisements listed a variety of goods sold along with the pharmacy stuff, just like today’s “drug” stores. By 1930 Goode’s occupied the entire building which also housed an ice cream plant in addition to the drug store and the Dutch Kitchen.


North Carolina Collection, Pack Library

In November 1942 Goode moved his business to the “newer business section” of Haywood Street. 21 Haywood Street became the new home of Goode’s. A newspaper article touted a “60-foot counter” and there were plans for a beauty shop on the second floor of the building.  However, that beauty shop would not come into being until 1950.

2 1950 beauty salon.jpg

Asheville Citizen-Times, February 1950

By 1950 Mr. Goode had been in business for almost 50 years. This is what the building looked like circa 1942-1950.


North Carolina Collection, Pack Library

In 1951 Goode’s Drugstore was purchased by the venerable Eckerd chain of drugstores (1898-2000). John Goode died in February 1956 at age 67. His obituary cited his work for better roads in North Carolina, his services as the president (more than once) of the Asheville Merchant’s Association, and active participation with the  Community Chest and the Chamber of Commerce. He was, in short, an exemplar of a civic minded businessman.

And this is what the building on Haywood Street looks like today.

Goode's corner.jpg

Photo by the author

Posted by Terry Taylor (A.H.S.) and Friends of the North Carolina Room board member





2 comments on “The Tale of Goode’s Drugstore

  1. Betsey-Rose Weiss
    August 7, 2018

    Love knowing all the little gems you dig up…and also glad you skipped showing the abomination which now occupies the first location of Goode’s at 53 Biltmore Ave.

  2. Taryn Chase Jackson
    August 8, 2018

    Just want to say I love posts like this and sincerely appreciate y’all digging this rich history up and sharing it!

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