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“On the Front Porch” –A New Photograph Exhibit at Pack Memorial Library

“On The Front Porch” A porch is a passage into a home. It’s where we comfortably pause before entering as well as when leaving. Porches link the private interior with the … Continue reading

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July 26 program on Richard Sharp Smith cancelled; to be rescheduled

The North Carolina Room regrets to announce that the program on Richard Sharp Smith scheduled to be held in Lord Auditorium on July 26, 2017, must be postponed to a … Continue reading

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Three Mountain Toll Roads

…In November 1912 Motor Age magazine heralded the delights of “an exclusive road for motor cars…nearly all of it at a 3 to 5 percent grade.”  E.W. Grove of St. … Continue reading

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The Beech celebration was started in 1884 by Alfred Marion Penland (1833-1898.) He killed a beef and invited the community, who all thought Alfred quite generous since they mostly had … Continue reading

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Baracas & Philatheas

  In June of 1909 Asheville hosted the 13th annual convention of the World Wide Baraca-Philathea Union. Over 1,000 delegates were expected to arrive from many states. According to the … Continue reading

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Event: “Family Feud–The Bitter Battle Between E.W. Grove and Fred Seely for the Grove Park Inn”

Family Feud:  The Bitter Battle Between E.W. Grove and Fred Seely For the Grove Park Inn Speaker: Bruce Johnson Date: Wednesday, June 28th Time: 12:00 to 1:00 Brown Bag Lunch: bring … Continue reading

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“Maid’s Night Off” Tradition Held in North Asheville

“My parents went to the Beaver Lake Restaurant every Thursday because that was the maid’s night off. We always had a maid when I was growing up. Everybody in that area did.” … Continue reading

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June 1908

  Here are two commonly found early postcard views of Ivy Gap from Craggy.  Both versions of the postcards were published by the Hackney & Moale Company, one of the early … Continue reading

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Wonderful Western North Carolina: WWNC

I’m rarely surprised by items I find in my online searches. I thought: What an odd postage stamp. Why does it have the call letters of Asheville’s oldest continually operating … Continue reading

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